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The Secondary School consists of Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) and, as the students progress through Secondary, they are prepared to become confident, independent and inquisitive learners, imbibed with a thirst for knowledge and fluent and confident communicators.

The Secondary curriculum provides a broad and rigorous programme that culminates in the International General Certificate of Secondary Examinations (IGCSE) that are recognised across the world as prestigious and rigorous qualifications. Students can also obtain the Spanish ESO qualification by obtaining a predetermined number of IGCSE passes.

The curriculum supports the students’ broad development as they study languages, mathematics, sciences, arts, humanities and physical education. Class-based learning is regularly enhanced through visits and trips to art galleries, museums, businesses, scientific sites and areas of natural interest within the Canary Islands, Spain and other European countries. These opportunities enhance learning and bring the curriculum to life.

We ensure that pupils develop an extensive range of skills and techniques, alongside creativity and physical, social and emotional well-being. Sports and athletic opportunities support and inculcate healthy attitudes and behaviours. Such skills and attitudes are extended and enhanced through the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme, where students learn about self, relationships and factors that influence healthy lifestyles. In addition, Years 7-9 give special focus to the acquisition of dispositions and attributes that are fundamental to learning and to productive, fulfilling work. These attributes, proactively identified and developed, include resilience, problem solving, teamwork, creativity, strategic awareness and critical curiosity.

The school is also committed to wellbeing and the emotional welfare of all its members, with staff training, student workshops and common strategies developed to support this important component.



Julian Clark

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Roslyn Clarke
Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning)
Jane Poyser
Assistant Head (Students)
Sian Stacey
Head of Maths Department
María Santana
Head of Spanish Department
Marc Sherwood
Head of Science Department
David King
Head of Humanities Department
Charlotte Brunton
Head of English Department
Trystan Wilson
Head of Creative and Performing Arts Department
Nathalie Froidevaux
Head of PSHE, Enrichment and House Activities
Cristina García
Head of KS3
Thekla Pallaris
Head of KS4
Sarah Cuthbertson
Head of KS5
María Jesús San Frutos
Spanish Studies Validations Coordinator
David Arocha
Lab. Technician - Spanish Universities Coord.
Carole Milward
Examinations Officer


Linda Potticary
Assessment Data and Recording Coordinator
Charlotte Eggar
Learning Support Coordinator
Anthony Boyle
Physical Education Teacher
Christopher Godfrey
Physical Education Teacher
Claire McDonald
Music Teacher
Eilish Coleman
Science and Maths Teacher
Kelly Price
ICT Teacher
Marina Sánchez
German Teacher
Iván Rodríguez
Spanish Humanities Teacher
Anna Cooke
English Teacher
Ben Horner
Business Teacher
Amanda Lahmanes
Secondary Teacher
Matthew Hirtes
Learning Resource Centre Coordinator
Phillip Stillman
Assistant Teacher
Cornelie Kloos
Assistant Teacher

All staff are appropriately qualified and trained and those who teach in English are native English speakers, mostly recruited from the UK, with Qualified Teacher Status and university degree. 


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